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Latest News! 

Let's get stoked for the 2020 Season

  • The race at Elk, originally scheduled for Jan 4 & 5, has been rescheduled to Feb 22.  Originally we had a plan to partner with the Eastern PA race on the 23rd, however, they have changed their mind, so we will not be racing with them on the 23rd.   

  • We had a great race at Hunter Mountain on Dec 21st.  Congratulations to Dawn Mazzanti and Symon Wojciak for being the fastest woman and man on the hill!  Thanks to Hunter Mountain for putting on a great race. 

  • skiracereg is open to renew your Mid-Atlantic membership and to sign up for all the races.   

  • We have a new tool for people to sign up to volunteer for season long or race day roles.   Every little bit of help makes a difference.   Click on the links to sign up and help keep things rolling. 

  • Check out the West Mountain races on Feb 14-16.  New England and New York Masters will be joining us for some fun competition.  The SG will be part of the National Speed Series so hurry and get your speed on.

  • We have an apparel store where you can buy some great Mid-Atlantic Logo-ed apparel.  You can reach the store from the Apparel Store button on our menu.

  • Get some cool US Masters apparel at the following link.  

  • We still have bibs available for purchase.  You can order your own Mid-Atlantic bib on www.skiracereg.com.  Here's a link to find out the numbers that are available.