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Fun Fun Fun in 2021!

  • We had a great weekend of racing at the Eastern Regional Championships at West Mountain.  The weather was picture perfect, the snow was beyond amazing and it was just joyful to be together racing in such great conditions.  We completed all three days of racing with no injuries which is the best part of the report.  We pulled off two SG's, one counted for the Easterns, while both counted for the speed series.  The GS and SL's both went off without a hitch.  All three races counted towards the Easterns, with a minimum of two race starts required to be eligible for the overall age class title.   There are some great pictures on our facebook page taken by Igor Manoylovich and Mark Phillips.  You can find the pictures from Iggy on our Facebook Page as well as the links for Mark's pictures.  I've also included a link here for Mark's pictures.  Thank you to both Mark and Iggy for taking such great pictures.
    Pictures of slalom 
    Pictures of GS 
    Album with a variety of photos from the weekend
    Congratulations to the Eastern women's and men's age class champions.  You can see the complete scoring for the Easterns at the following link and the National Speed Series Scoring at this link.  You can also find a set of jpg's handy for sharing on the results in the Easterns results album

  • Next up is Belleayre on March 7th.  We will have a GS and SL in the same day.  Links below in our schedule area.

  • Get some cool US Masters apparel at the following link.  

  • We still have bibs available for purchase.  You can order your own Mid-Atlantic bib on  Here's a link to find out the numbers that are available.