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Hoping for Fun Fun Fun in 2021!

  • The West Mountain Race Camp from January 5-8, 2021 is a go.  Right now the camp is full except for two slots for slalom on Friday.  We are taking a wait list.  Be sure to sign up for the wait list, as it's likely people's plans could change.  You'll get to take part in the camp and help someone out that might have been signed up.  It should be a blast. We are also working on finalizing the details on a camp with the same format with New England Masters at Wachusett the following week.  Stay tuned! 

  • As you can guess there is a lot of uncertainty in the ski industry right now due to COVID-19.  We are working closely with mountains, US Ski & Snowboard and local race organizations such as NY State Ski Racing Association (NYSSRA) to settle on a plan for 2021.  Some mountains are still trying to determine if they will host races or not.  Others are penciling us in, with the agreement that things could change depending on what the virus does and state of containment in various states.  So check out our schedule and try to make a plan.  Don't hesitate to share your thoughts and plans with us.  It is helpful as we try to structure a season.  If races look like they will be too challenging, we will explore having days where we get together to blast some Nastar gates.   US Ski & Snowboard Masters is in discussions with Nastar about how we might roll out Super Nastar as a means for some fun casual racing, without the structure and risk of a formal scheduled race event.  Right now all options are on the table.   Many states have completed their guidance for skiing, so be sure to check it out.  Be aware that it might be a moving target.  It is likely that you will need to boot up in your car.    Some mountains are indicating that you might be able to boot up quickly but you won't be able to keep your bag in the lodge.  We'll have to check with the mountains to be sure of their policies in advance.   Of course we will all need to wear masks and maintain social distancing.   To warm up, we might have to go to our cars or there might be capacity in outside warming tents.  Some of those details are still undefined.  Whatever the case, we will make the best of it!  Together we will get through this since ski racers are the some of the most resilient people I know! 

  • I have posted a draft schedule, but please be aware that this is very very draft.  It could change at any time depending on how the infection rate is tracking. 

  • We will do our best to pull off races.  As one of the mountain director of operations put it to me, remember to continue to enjoy skiing and not get bogged down in feeling bad if you can't race.  Treasure that you are skiing!! 

  • Get some cool US Masters apparel at the following link.  

  • We still have bibs available for purchase.  You can order your own Mid-Atlantic bib on  Here's a link to find out the numbers that are available.  

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